Ingse-Lita Bjørkli

Her work explores the diverse ethics between photography compared to a painting whilst blurring the lines between a two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork.

Working with surface she has been inspired by artists like Sandra Nobre, Sara Shakeel and Alma Haser to compose a photographic collage by adding layers to the actual print. Through experimental research, she has found that a photographic canvas was the best suited option to keep the aesthetics of a painting as desired; the texture of the canvas gave the portraits the look that was wanted as well creating a depth to the blacks by using matt ink during the printing process.

The work exhibited is made up of four images, all female models who each are represented as powerful in the way they pose, they are sister-like in their looks, the patterns and the brocade inspired fabrics enhances their heritage of the feminine power. The background colours are used to reminiscence upon oil painted portraits, bringing the models and not the environment out. In these four portraits the models remain non-expressive as yet another glance towards the history of painted portraits.

As her work continues with the theme of surface, exhibiting it leaves the viewer with the option of seeing the work from behind the canvas as well as letting visitors touch and feel the artwork itself.

Ingse-Lita ©