Amarni Smith

My work is an exhibition of both my current self. Each project is merely an aspect of my self I’ve recently discovered, with variables of my environment. Born and raised in East London, England. I have constantly been challenged into understanding and appreciating the diverse. I express this throughout my work, capturing the essence of a young woman finding her motif. My zeal for fashion is binded with this. Styling for my shoots or other photographers in the industry. I love the paradigmatic. Appreciating time and message rather than trends.
My interest in the technical arts has been focused on throughout my adolescent life. Studying various media modes from the age of 14 starting with film, television and photography progressing to Scriptwriting, Video production, radio and film. With my film and photography, I aim to exercise my other abilities. With multifaceted looks and conceptual layers of my work, I try to look at it as I would a painting within the sphere of the world I see.

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