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Tellus Mater means goddess of the earth in ancient roman myth. Our project is about juxtaposing the beauty and destruction of nature. The distressed aesthetic of the super 8 film mimics the electricity of the power station, contrasting with the delicate styling.
This just in. It looks like you can take the girl out of a party but not the party out a girl. Rumor has it our three trendy girls are hosting the Gig of the century all recorded by yours truly Alex and Alexandrina.
They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but in this case it seems like there’s only three letters to adequately describe this picture: OMG. You wouldn’t believe what some people get up to through the duration of just one song. Be there or be square at Intra, Chatham, High street. XOXO



Alexandrina Cojocaru



Rhiannon Petrucci