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Welcome to the world of our imagination, this exhibition combines elements from all areas such as, dream worlds, galaxies, indian culture, the emerging and they way the mind works. As a group we will take you through a show of interactive and immersive works of art starting with Abigail’s dream destruction,step into the room and join her as she dives into your thoughts and watch a video she has prepared. Get on a flight to india and travel into Holly’s indian paradise where you will be immersed into a room filled with colour and culture. Then take a walk through Hannah’s galaxies and stargaze as her images drape down the room. Katherine will show you how the human body is at its finest when the figure is subtly emerging from water and finally Viki shows you a map of the mind as she displays a series of images on how isolation effects everyday life in some minds.

Come and take a look at our installation, spaced over the second floor in Chatham house.

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